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Dental Implants

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Bone Loss

One of the keys to the success of your Dental implants is healthy jawbone. When bone in the jaw has been lost, it may not have enough height and width to securely anchor an implant.

Reason for lost bone:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Cyst or abscess
  • Removal or accidental loss of teeth
  • Lack of stimulation to jawbone

To determine whether you jaw has enough bone to secure an Dental implants, we’ll do a thorough examination. First, we typically take x-rays, which can show us the height of the bone. In some cases, we may also need specialized x-rays, such as a CT scan, to give us more detail about your jawbone and the location of nerves and blood vessels in the jaw. Then we’ll perform a visual exam to look at the shape of the jawbone, and we may use a periodontal probe to check the height of bone around any neighboring teeth. We may also discover defects in the jawbone when we are performing implant surgery. If we find that you have lost bone in your jaw, we will discuss the variety of techniques we can use to replace it. Diagnosing the health of your jawbone is an important step in planning for stable, secure implants and maintaining a beautiful smile.

Fully Edentulous

When all of the teeth in an arch are missing, implants can be an excellent choice for replacing them. Implants are small titanium posts that replace the roots of missing teeth and support custom-crafted replacement teeth.

Dental Implants Nogales can solve a number of dental problems:

  • Loss of jawbone
  • Uncomfortable dentures
  • Compromised appearance

The jawbone needs the stimulation of chewing to maintain its strength and shape, so then teeth are missing, the bone around the area begins to shrink. This shrinkage continues over time, so if you wear a denture, it will become looser and less comfortable. In fact, the lower jawbone can shrink so much that the nerves end up closer to the surface of the bone, making it painful to bite down. In addition, as the jawbone shrinks, the space between your chin and nose decreases, flattering your lips and creating wrinkles around your mouth.

Dental Implants stop these problems:

  • Replace tooth roots
  • Stabilize the jawbone
  • Secure dentures firmly
  • Support dentures and jaw in correct position

To determine if Dental implants are right for you, we’ll do a thorough exam, which will include recording your medical history, performing a visual exam to check the health of your teeth and gums, taking panographic or panoramic x-rays, and possibly CT scans to check the health of your jawbone, and taking impressions and bite registrations to create an accurate model of your mouth. In Dental Implants Nogales can support removable dentures or full-arch bridges, so we’ll talk with you about the best solution for your situation. If you’re missing all the upper or lower teeth, implants are a great way to keep your jawbone healthy, make eating and talking secure and comfortable, and restore your beautiful smi

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