Teeth Replaced

dental implants replacing more than one tooth

If you need to have multiple teeth replaced, you may need several appointments to install your dental implants posts. Young dental nogales will go over this with you, along with your options for individual prosthetic teeth for each post or a post-supported bridge. Dental implant-supported bridge is not the same as a tooth supported bridge. An implant-supported bridge resembles a row of teeth, but it is a single piece, rather than individual teeth. If you have several consecutive missing teeth.,  Young Dental Nogales may recommend installing an implant-supported bridge rather than a series of prosthetic teeth. Implant-supported bridges may be used in place of individual crowns in order to reduce the pressure placed on the actual implants.

If you need all of your teeth replaced

dental implants and custom prohtetic teethMany patients who have previously relied on dentures are able to simplify their lives and get a full set of healthy, permanent teeth again with dental implants. Your dentist may recommend that you get single implant-supported bridges for the top and bottom rows of teeth. You may also choose individual prosthetic teeth for the front teeth and bridges for the back rows. Your dentist can give you all of the information you need to make the right choice for you.

 Dental Implants and Custom prosthetic teeth

After your implants have healed, the temporary crown(s) will be removed. At this time, your dentist will install permanent
prosthetic teeth (or a bridge) that have been custom made to fit your mouth and your jaw. That means that your new teeth will not only be shaped perfectly for your mouth, but they will also be color matched to your existing teeth so that you have an instantly picture-perfect smile.

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